Our services

We can’t take your pain away, but we can share the load and help you spend more time with your little love

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can connect you with the right people and resources to make life easier.  A brief talk with one of our volunteers can help identify what assistance we can provide.  If you are up to it, call us.  If the words can’t quite come out right now, that’s ok, email us or send us a message via our Facebook page.  Sometimes, it is easier to get a person close to you to talk to us on your behalf.

If you need some advice regarding what to do when your baby dies, let us provide you with what we know.  We have industry contacts that understand your every need.

In each and every case, circumstances are different.  But here’s a little of what we can do:


Financial support for funerals and associated costs

Little Love Foundation works hard to raise money to support families in need of a boost to help with costs of sending off a little one, in the way they want to.  We know it can be difficult to meet the costs of post mortem transport costs, body preparation and funeral costs, through to committing a body for cremation or burial.  If you need financial assistance, you will need complete a brief application form and meet a general criteria, which we will process with haste.  Because we have established relationships with our industry partners, we can make some assistance accessible quickly.


Caskets, gowns and pockets

When a baby or child dies, you might want to dress them. Sometimes they are too small for conventional clothes.  We have gorgeous gowns and pockets (made to correct specifications and fit for purpose) available free.  We just need to know an approximate size to provide you with the right garments.

Paying for a casket isn’t always an option for everyone.  If you need or want a casket for your baby or child, we can provide one for you through the incredible support of the Coffin Club, Rotorua.  Just ask and we will deliver.


Surviving bereavement kits

We send our heartfelt love to you and with that we want to show you a gesture of our support and some ‘nice to haves’ to assist you in the transition to your new normal.  Let us know and we will deliver.


Help to make memories

As time marches on and the world keeps on spinning, we know that memories are the most important gift we can give to you. We can help you create some keepsakes of your own, give you some pointers on what you can do to remember your little love, and put you in contact with other people who provide these very special services.