How can I help?

Little Love Foundation can’t survive on love alone.  We need the help of our industry partners, financial supporters and volunteers to make the love go around.

To be a Little Love Foundation Volunteer, you don’t have to have been through a loss yourself, but you do have to care about families in their time of need.  The work we do is selfless.

Our main priority is to help those that can’t afford a funeral, or prevent unexpected costs from putting families into hardship. Every year, there are many, many families who aren’t able to have a proper service for their child due to the financial constraints or sometimes just not knowing what their options are.  It doesn’t help with grief, it adds regret, the feeling of failure and additional hardship to those left behind.

In addition, we are caring people, and when the worst happens we want to help in any little way.  We do provide some additional bits and pieces to parents/families to help them get through and of course, we focus on memories.

Help us make it all happen!


Please, give us a ‘little love’

We are continually looking for support to carry out our work and we are so very grateful for any assistance.  Here are some ways you can help us:

  • Sponsorship and donations to fund funerals, cremations, burials and other associated costs
  • Sponsorship and donations to fund our memory and keepsake boxes (if you would like to provide items for these boxes, please contact us)
  • Donations to fund minimal administration costs (all time is gifted by volunteers)
  • Contributions / donations for printing and stationary supplies
  • Supplies, products and vouchers for grieving parents
  • Sewing volunteers for gowns and pockets
  • Catering support

Support or partner with us

Click on our DONATE button below, direct deposit into our bank account:

Little Love Foundation 38-9020-0009011-01

*Receipts can be provided for tax purposes.


If you want to partner with us, we want to hear from you! Please email or call us, thank you.

Receiving donations now

Little Love Foundation can’t run on love alone. We need financial support, for us to be able to help families who sadly need us. Every little bit counts.  All money raised goes directly to families in need.